Spring Meat & Cheese Board

Celebrate the blossoming flowers and  sunshine with this delicious charcuterie board for spring. 


You'll need: manchego cheese, Gorgonzola cheese, brie cheese, ball of burrata and salami.


You'll need: baby carrots, endive, radishes, strawberries, sugar snap peas, castelvetrano olives, pesto, cherries, honey, artichoke hearts, and jam.

Cut the manchego into slices and place the buratta into a small dish of the pesto.

Add any items in bowls or jars (jam, honey, olives, etc.)

Start filling in gaps with vegetables and/or fruit.

Fill in the remaining gaps with crackers, charcuterie, and then nuts.


The size of your cheese board will depend on how many people you’re serving.

A batch of Frozen Mimosas or Mango Margaritas would be a fun and fruity way to kick off the brunch party.