Eyeball Deviled Eggs


These bloodshot Eyeball Deviled Eggs  are a spooky addition to your Halloween party. They may look scary but  they taste creamy, decadent, and extra briny thanks to the olive iris.


Eggs, Red Food Coloring, Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Black Olives and Pimentos.

Hard boil the eggs

Once cooked & cooled gently crack the shell of each using the back of a spoon, ensuring the shell stays on the egg.

Place the eggs in the food-colored water for at least 2 hours (up to  three days). The longer the more pronounced the color will be.

When  ready to assemble the deviled eggs, carefully peel the eggs under  slowly running water.

Thoroughly smash the egg yolks with a fork, and mix with mayo, dijon, salt, and pepper.

Fill the egg whites with the yolk mixture.

Top with an olive slice and place a pimento into the center of the olive. Serve!


The eggs can be hard boiled up to 5 days in advance if you want to save  time ahead of the party. Store them with the shell on and in an airtight  container in the fridge until it’s time to assemble.

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